Software Developer, Clean Coder, and Merciless Refactorer,

In roughly that order.


gmail teodorchirileanu@gmail.com phone +40 748 333 619


Tech-Savvy sofware professional with over 6 years of experience in industries such as banking, fintech, energy and crypto. Adept software craftsman coupled with competencies in designing & developing clean, state-of-the-art cross-platform software. Passionate about clean code & architecture. I tend to write code that reads like prose. Love mentoring, I’m often seen as the go-to person when it comes to .NET, Angular and Azure.


Languages Frameworks Tools Platforms

C#, TypeScript, SQL, PowerShell, Bicep, Python

.NET, Angular, gRPC, SignalR, RX, Docker, NATS

MSSQL, Jira, D365 F&O, Redis, MongoDB, Grafana

Windows, Linux, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes


Company Role Duration

Itineris (Ghent)

Freelance Fullstack Cloud Developer

Eight Months (08/22 - 04/23)

Klips (Tel Aviv)

Freelance .NET/React Developer

Eight Months (07/22 - 03/23)

Axa (Paris)

Freelance .NET/Angular Developer

Eight Months (06/22 - 02/23)

Beenear (Iași)

Lead .NET/Angular Developer

One Year (07/21 - 06/22)

Enedis (La Défense)

Senior .NET/Python Developer

Two Years (05/19 - 04/21)

Société Générale (Paris)

Middle .NET/Angular Developer

One Year (06/18 - 05/19)

Tricentis (Vienna)

Junior .NET/Angular Developer

One Year (06/17 - 05/18)

Training and Education

Education Certifications

Clean Code: Architecture & Design Masters Class
Uncle Bob Consulting LLC (2022)

Bachelor of Computer Science (2017)

Bilingual Baccalaureate Diploma (2014)

Certified TypeScript Developer - 2022

Front End Developer (W3Schools) - 2021

Programming in C# - Top 5% (Microsoft) - 2020

Professional Scrum Developer (Agile Alliance) - 2019

Detailed Work Experience


Summary Technical Environment

Position: Freelance Fullstack Developer

Company: Klips BVBA

Industry: Energy Services (Utilities)

Location: Ghent, Belgium

Contract Duration: 8 months

Platforms: Windows 11, Azure, D365, Citrix

Frameworks: .NET 7, Angular, Cypress, D365 F&O, RX.NET

Languages: C# 11, PowerShell 7.2, TypeScript, SQL, Bicep, ARM

Libraries: Resharper, SQL Server, Azure DataLake, EventGrid, Azure Functions

Tools: Rider, VS Code, Azure Blob Explorer, Azure DevOps, Azure CLI

Product Description Project Responsabilities

Itineris is a technology company that provides software solutions for the utility industry, with a focus on customer information systems and meter data management. UMAX is Itineris' flagship product, a customer information and billing system designed specifically for utility companies.

A jack-of-all-trades developer, I was responsible for the development of new features and bug fixes for the UMAX product. I also worked on the integration of the UMAX product with other systems, such as the D365 F&O ERP system. As a L3 support, I was also responsible for the troubleshooting of issues reported customers including FloGas plc and SSE plc while also providing technical support to the CSS project.

Key Achievements

As an Angular developer working on the CSS project, I improved the accesibility of the platform by implementing WCAG standards for people using screen readers

As a .NET developer working on the SSE backend project, I wrote bespoke C# console applications that were used in Data Entities Comparisons and Configuration

As a Python developer working on the EVPM solution, I made tools for generating metering data for testing purposes

As a L3 support for UMAX, I fixed a critical bug in an Azure Function that caused the loss of billing data for customers

As an Azure developer working on the FloGas project, I developed a bespoke early warning system based on Azure Event Grid and Azure Functions that was used to detect and prevent data loss during payment traffic surges


Summary Technical Environment

Position: Freelance Fullstack Developer (.NET/React)

Company: Klips Ltd.

Industry: Financial Services (Fintech)

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Contract Duration: 8 months

Platforms: Windows 11, Azure, Kubernetes, Google Cloud

Frameworks: .NET 7, NATS, Docker, Redis

Languages: C# 11, PowerShell 7.2

Libraries: Resharper, SQL Server, MongoDB

Tools: DataGrip, Rider, GitKraken, Lens, Kubernetes

Product Description Project Responsabilities

Klips is a one-stop-financial hub and fast-growing innovative Fintech company, creator of next-generation Financial Hub including Crypto, Trading, Digital banking facilities, Shares dealing, using cutting-edge technologies.

Creating an MVP that validates business ideas such as fiat & crypto deposits, swaps, and withdrawals using modern technologies like Redis Backplane, Nats JetStreams, Minimal APIs, and WebSockets.

Key Achievements

Implemented multiple Grafana dashboards to monitor various aspects of the sytem and alert on critical issues directly in Jira

Architected & implemented real-time, sub-millisecond communication between NATS, Redis, and the React frontend by leveraging Reactive Programming principles

Redesigned the Crypto Wallet component to be mobile-first using best web development practices


Summary Technical Environment

Position: Freelance Fullstack Developer (.NET/Angular)

Company: Axa Investment Managers S.A.

Industry: Investment Management (Finance)

Location: Paris, France

Contract Duration: 8 months

Platforms: Windows 11, Azure

Frameworks: .NET Core 3.1, Angular 13

Languages: C# 11, TypeScript 4.8

Libraries: Resharper, SQL Server

Tools: WebStorm, Rider, GitKraken, SimCorp

Product Description Project Responsabilities

As responsible investor, business, and employer, Axa Investment Managers actively invests for the long term so clients, people, and communities can move forward.

Primary responsibilities include implementing, creating, and extending a new derivated credit pricing along all necessary models.

Key Achievements

Delivered mission-critical information about currency & index options to traders, allowing them to perform frequently occurring tasks such as full unwinds and roll forwards that reduced manual labor by one order of magnitude

Decommissioned ~20% of Global One, a company-wide aggregator responsible for rolling repurchase agreements on outstanding holding positions.

Developed automatic functional testing with UFT One to cover critical business processes and reduce manual testing by ~80%.


Summary Technical Environment

Position: Lead Developer (.NET/Angular)

Company: Beenear SRL (Var Group)

Industry: Software Services

Location: Iasi, Romania

Contract Duration: 12 months

Platforms: Windows 11, Azure Cloud

Frameworks: .NET 6, Angular 13

Languages: C# 10, TypeScript 4.6

Libraries: Resharper, Moq, Mojo Portal, Autofac

Tools: Git, VS 2022, DataGrip, WebStorm, Azure DevOps

Product Description Project Responsabilities

OpenFinance is the leading and one of Italy’s most popular accounting tools.

EasyOne is an industry-leading CRM used by thousands of customers across the Iberian peninsula.

Responsible for migrating the legacy accounting software OpenGate from Microsoft WebForms to Angular 12.

In charge of maintaining EasyOneCrm, a WPF application, along with the task of refactoring it to microservices.

Key Achievements

Increased the performance of OpenGate threefold by rewriting two critical components in Angular

Mentored one middle developer, three juniors, and one intern

Reduced loading time by 7x by re-architecture-ing the Login process


Summary Technical Environment

Position: Backend Developer (.NET/Python)

Company: Enedis SA (EDF Group)

Industry: Electrical Energy Distribution

Location: Le Capitole (Nanterre, France)

Contract Duration: 24 months

Platforms: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012

Frameworks: .NET 4.5

Languages: C# 6.0, Python 3.5, DPL

Libraries: NUnit, NCrunch, Parsimonious, Mermaid

Tools: Git, VS 2019, Rider, PyCharm, PowerFactory 2018, yEd

Product Description Project Responsabilities

Enedis Talon is an in-house, N-Tier application framework used to compute various electrotechnical metrics of the french electrical grid, one of which is calculating the cost of new connections for end users.

My team and I were responsible for developing and maintaining Talon, a service enabling other internal teams to create and execute independent electrotechnical workflows.

Key Achievements

Re-worked one of the base tiers, drastically improving the performance and stability of the system

Developed a Java web server acting as a middle-man between the Frontend and the Backend

Wrote a GUI (WPF + GoXam) for generating electrical workflows

Created a code generation pipeline that takes functional specifications and translates them into C#

Developed a Supervisor responsible for monitoring, deploying, and configuring modules

Société Générale

Summary Technical Environment

Position: Full Stack Developer (.NET/Angular)

Company: Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking

Industry: Banking

Location: Tours Société Générale (La Défense, France)

Contract Duration: 12 months

Platforms: Windows 7/10, Windows Server 2016

Frameworks: .NET 4.5, SQL Server Integration Services

Languages: C# 5.0, PowerShell 5.1, T-SQL

Libraries: NInject, NCrunch, ZeroMQ, Specflow

Tools: Git, Vs 2019 & Code, SSMS, TeamCity, XL Deploy

Product Description Project Responsabilities

Liqor is an internal financial application responsible for computing various liquidity metrics and generating afferent reports demanded by the BDF (Bank of France) and the BCE (European Central Bank).

I was part of the team responsible for monitoring the production environment. Moreover, I worked on implementing new liquidity metrics (Basel III), and rewriting SSIS scripts.

Key Achievements

Wrote a custom XML parser that reduced threefold the time required to integrate a custom data source

Rewrote and optimized two critical SSIS scripts, improving performance by over 35%

Redesigned the CI pipeline while TeamCity 2008 to 2018, improving performance by almost one order of magnitude

Designed and implemented the CD pipeline leading the minimal human input during the deployment process

Taught and mentored my newcomers on coding practices, software development, and architectural processes


Summary Technical Environment

Position: Full Stack Developer (.NET/Angular)

Company: Tricentis GmbH

Industry: Software as as Service (SaaS)

Location: Vienna International Center (Vienna, Austria)

Contract Duration: 12 months

Platforms: Windows 10, Azure

Frameworks: .NET 4.7, ASP .NET, Angular 6

Languages: C# 7.2, TypeScript 2.9

Libraries: NUnit, Moq, Resharper, SQL Server, MongoDB

Tools: SVN, Visual Studio/Code, Robo 3T SQL Server

Product Description Project Responsabilities

Tricentis Tosca is a software solution that is geared towards automating application testing.

Breaking down the monolithic architecture into microservices. Migrating from SVN to Git. Building CI & CD pipelines.

Key Achievements

Improved the overall application performance by over 50% thanks to the decommissioning of the service bus

Added two new features to the Cloud Portal 1) User & Project Management 2) User Profile Editor

Implemented health check mechanisms to the microservices to improve system resiliency

Increased the ease of use of the application by adding an essential application setting: configurable Auth0 token storage



Born and organically grown in Iasi (Romania) (1995 - 2017)

Took life to the next level in Wyoming (USA) (2016)

Reached new heights in Vienna (Austria) (2017 - 2018)

Achieved enlightenment in Paris (France) (2018 - 2021)

Spreading the light back home (2021 - present)

Books Read

Clean Code, The Clean Coder, Clean Architecture, Clean Agile, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, The Art of Unit Testing, Working Efficiently with Legacy Code, C# in Depth, Extreme Programming Explained, Scrum and XP from the Trenches, Daily Design Pattern, Test-Driven Development by Example, Refactoring, The Pragmatic Programmer, The Unicorn Project, The Phoenix Project, Managing Technical Debt, Concurrency in C# Cookbook, The Mythical Man-Month, Domain-Driven Design, Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests, RX.NET In Action, Agile Software Development

What do others say about me?

Teodor is a passionate young man, carrying the Carpathian profundity in his heart. His interests are widespread and go beyond his profession. As you say: passion does not spread thin - so great level of energy which he brings to each and every task he works on. Keep on going, Teo!
— Wolfgang Platz
Founder & CTO @ Tricentis